Ready to Start Your Journey?

  • Click on the link below after reading through this post, and it will take you to Young Living’s website.
  • It will already have wholesale selected with my info in the box.
  • You receive 24% off retail pricing
  • There is never anything else required to buy or any hidden fees. You shop how you want, when you want through your own account.
  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Use the small, blue arrow under the diffuser choices to select which diffuser you want to be included in your kit.
  • The Premium Starter kit is the best value–you receive the diffuser and the everyday oils package (top 10 most popular oils–plus Peace and Calming  AND Stress Away) which is over a $300 value –options pictured here:

  • You can enroll in the Essential Rewards program now and use your kit cost towards your volume.  You can enroll in this later if you want, too. The minimum is only $50/month to take advantage of the program. You can earn points from ordering your oils as well as receive reduced shipping costs. I started doing this after about 3 months of using my oils. I found I did not need it when I first started. It wasn’t until I started branching out beyond the boys for using my oils that this program made sense for us.
  • Membership Information: Here you will fill in all your information and create an account.  Make sure to take note of your user name, PIN, and password because you will use this to log on in the future and place your own orders. The reason they ask for your social security number is for potential future compensation. If you refer a friend to join Young Living and they purchase a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living will send you a $50 thank you check! Your social security number is then used for tax purposes. You do not need to enter it. You can choose the “Individual” without SSN if you like. Again, the SSN is for compensation purposes only.
  • You may add additional product or just check out.  Some of the most popular “add on” oils are Cedarwood, RC, and Orange. Here is a great list:


  • After your membership information has been entered, you will enter shipping and payment information.
  • Your final step will be confirming your order and checking out!–just a couple of clicks on this one!

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